Velio Goranov

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WMO Velio GoranovPhoto source: FacebookRepublic of Bulgaria
2018 Laureate
WMO Honorary Member
Member of the World Mime Council
The World Mime Organisation has decided to present the "Special WMO Award for the Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mime" to the Bulgarian mime artist Velio Goranov.
Actor and mime artist who joggled spoken and unspoken words on stage and in front of the camera for almost 50 years. Established modern-days mime in Bulgaria researching artistic freedom and finding the freedom of speech in silence.
Human body was born to move in time and space, in thought and imagination and no society can ban it. Its language has no barriers and it is free to travel the dreams but also the planet, cultures, civilisations.
Velio Goranov is a dream traveler whose vehicle is the stage made of love and freedom."


World Mime Day should belong to humanity but history should also remember the three initiators of this idea Marko Stojanović (Serbia) More...


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