Original Concept

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The concept

About WMA

World Mime Academy is not (yet) an institution of higher education. It is an international educational project aiming to provide high quality intensive workshops of mime, acting, dance, physical theatre and any type of corporeal expression in theatre, film and other media to professionals and those who want to become ones.

Traveling & culture

The idea behind the WMAcademy is to be a mobile, traveling educational event with the aim to bring quality mime education to different corners of the world and to have participants experience different cultures.


Program is based on four different 90-100 minutes workshops during the day in 5-7 days with additional consultations and/or mentorship that will result in at least 40 working hours in one week.

Culture & movement

At least one lecturer/workshop will be provided by the WMO and at least one should be local and specific to the culture of the people of the host country, region or city. Acting or classical ballet is something we can find everywhere but folk dance is specific to peoples and regions, Commedia dell' Arte is specific to Italy, Tango to Argentina, Beijing Opera to China, Butho to Japan.

Different Mime Techniques

Two workshops should be in mime/physical acting different techniques to help participants experience and/or improve different mime/physical acting skills and broaden their creative expression tools.

Additional activities

  • All additional activities should be linked to improvement of understanding of the movement, non-verbal communication and corporeal expression, mime, acting, theatre, media, organizations.
  • Lectures, talks, visits to museums, hubs, studios, theaters, media...


The program will finish with a public presentation of work done during the WMAcademy and possibly with performances of previous works of participants and special shows of lecturers, which altogether will come under a title of the World Mime Festival with a duration of one to several days.

WMO Video Archives

All the workshops and other activities and events should be recorded for the WMO Video Archives and for possible use not only for research but as an online learning tool.



  • For workshops a dance rehearsal room or a theatre stage, even a Pilates/Aerobics room or a PA hall in school will do.
  • For lectures and presentations a suitable space with necessary computer/video/internet equipment and capabilities.
  • For WM Festival a theatre and/or an open-air stage in summer and/or a busy square for street-mime shows.


  • A nice 2* or 3* hotel or a good hostel offering rooms with 1-3 beds at a special rate for participants.
  • A single room or a suit for lecturers.


  • Basic printed materials are: certificates, roll-ups and/or back walls for interviews, T-Shirts for all participants and other souvenirs.
  • Tourist maps, tourists and cultural prospects.


  • Free organized transportation from and to the airport.
  • Free transportation for organized tours and visits.
  • If you want to organize the World Mime Academy in your country please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and business model.

World Mime Academy Example:

  • Report on the World Mime (Summer) Academy 2022 in Belgrade (Link)
  • Program (Link)
  • First info (Link)








World Mime Day should belong to humanity but history should also remember the three initiators of this idea Marko Stojanović (Serbia) More...


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