Dot in space

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(Transcribed from live session January 14, 1975 - 7:30 p.m.)

"In the beginning was the word." Before the word, there was vibration, movement and Silence - The source of all life." Samuel Avital

We have labels that signify us as bubbles or units of condensed consciousness. Little eggs, little cells, little things that sometimes pretend to know, but in fact it doesn't. How do we get to know each other? A friend of mine wrote to me today, that every person is like a drop of water that makes the rain. The rain makes the ocean. So every one is a drop that makes the ocean. It is not just by working. There are a lot of things that will happen to you here in the line because little by little most of us, I think, will come to that change I am talking about. There is a change that happens in the way of thinking when we want to understand this art form properly.

Most of us think words. Even when you repeat a mantra 500 times, it is a word, but very few think images, vision, horizon. A mime should think like that. That is why I think people who are attracted to mime today are very unique people and special like you. So, the way we approach this work is a kind of alchemy that transforms the way we think words and relate to the images. Some people might tell you this is primitive. Ok, let us be primitive. Any artist lives in that vision. The musician might sometimes see notes dancing with each other, jumping in space and then, disappearing like Fantasia. It might happen, but how are we going to know all these drops together? How are we going to make the rain happen in one basket? Or bunch the cells up together, mix, and drink them down to stomach and digest them somehow?

I speak a lot of images, so you will have to relate to that sometimes, too. But in order to relate to the images, we need to introduce each other to each other. We have an explanation for things but we don't have an explanation for everything. Deliberately, sometimes certain things will not be explained, but we are very nice, and sometimes divide the work into three aspects. Every session we do here has three aspects. The first aspect is understanding the mind - the intellectual understanding of what we are going to do so that it will be seated in your consciousness. The second aspect of understanding is the experiential understanding, the doing of it, the feeling of it, and the heart feeling of it. The third understanding is the application of it, the use of it, how we are going to use it.

So, there are three phases that we go through during the work, during every session. And every session that you are here actually, is not the workshop. What you get here, is actually material for you to take home, digest, vomit and face like a cow. Then from there, you eat it again, digest it again, and you work.

In other words, in the time that we do the middle one, the experiential one here, we should be very concentrated. The concentration span of human beings today is very short. When you meet a human being that has the ability to concentrate, you can't stand that. It's too much because that person knows what he's doing. So that's the elasticity we would like to do with our bodies and with our minds. It is not very complicated. So if you go little by little, follow your steps, if you have any questions, you should ask. OK, the classical question: Who are we? Some of you are hearing this very important question for the seventh time but every time it's totally different. Why? Because every one of you, is a fantastic bubble of consciousness that is present here. I feel there is a very good spirit present with us tonight because we are concentrated. Don't attach to these words I say to my person at all. It's just words being said for some purpose. For us to learn together something. That's all. It is a way of talking.

Who do we think we are, before we get to know each other? Any answers are very appreciated. What do you think we are - you are? (Group energy, forms of intelligence, imitators of God, light, darkness, personalities, the earth) See how many words we say? More words! (Love, imagination, family, purpose, hope, life, fish, we're everything!) What is the essence of these words? (Center, oneness) We say many words to describe one thing. Sure, because we are little drops and every drop drops on the stone or on the house or on the jar or on that thing, but what is the form of a drop? (Oval, pear-shaped, changing, tear shaped) OK, so we are near. We begin to talk now. It is not love, it is not hope, it is not vision. It is tears. It is oval, a little more essential. OK, we try to develop this a little on the tableau with you to see who we really are.

Now, I need your attention for this explanation, because it will follow us all over the workshop and all over our thinking. It is not a dogmatic thing, it is very simple. We talk to the heart. We talk to the logic. We talk to the reason. We talk to every side of us in a kind of explanation that I am going to find out here with you. This is an understanding of, not only what we are, but of the world, how we perceive it. In other mime classes, I don't think you get these kinds of things. You just go into techniques, work and learn how to pull ropes. That's all. You are a mime.

But here in this workspace, it is a basic understanding of the "whole self" that we are to know. Now what is happening? Suppose you are here. We are here. You look all around and see me standing here. What is standing here? What do you see happening? It is like you. It has a form like you. It has everything like you. Eyes, everything, but, what is it? (Consciousness, mass, piece of form, packaged energy, vibration?)

What kind of form do you see from a distance? We need this in mime a lot. Mime has a very deep understanding of this. What do you see? Size? But, what size do you see me? You see me the shape of you. A human form like you, no? But at a distance a line, OK? A line is the essence of things. It is a vertical line standing.

Lying it would be a horizontal line. Just for the understanding. Don't take this as a Law of Moses from Sinai, OK? Just as an under-standing. It will help us very well in the future. For those who can see this explanation, I will repeat. It is one of the keys to understanding the multi-dimensional aspect that the mime is looking for.

Anyone can benefit from this who is looking. Even scientists, because of the three dimensional aspect of understanding we work through. It is not enough for us to deal with space because many people think it is emptiness. That it is foreign. The mime though, thinks it is both force and a void you can shape, sculpt and create forms out of the air into something solid. That which is invisible, we make visible. This understanding is very important.

OK, now suppose I go one step backward. What do you see? (A smaller line) I go another step backwards, I am still here but, in your perception, I am going far back. What is it? (The line gets smaller) You go two miles away. What do you see? (A dot) A dot, the source of the line, thank you that is what we need, a dot. That is what we are - a dot. That is why they say in the old writings: "Little human on earth raise your eyes and look, and nobody knows what they are talking about." What do you see? You see the stars and the moon as a dot. Therefore, you are a dot. It is very important.

Now, the intelligence of human beings has been found out when that dot vibrates. There is the law of movement. It vibrates. What is happening? It actually becomes bigger, no? (Draws a spiral) It will become bigger. It just depends on the distance, mandala-like. Very nice. It is not complicated to understand. Everybody knows it, but we need it more. There are many dots sitting here. A bunch of dots making a mass.

That group of dots is compact. Zoomed to something that interests them. It is very solid. It is group energy that you can do something with. But, what is happening? You saw this line. How does the line form? By many dots, many dots together form a line, is that right? So, now we have these dots moving in and out in any kind of dimension you want. And what is happening here? Oh wait, it looks like an eye, no? Why are our eyes round? Why is the form of the cell round?

That is from where everything begins. The intelligence of human beings found the circle and found the boundary of space between this and that and every kind of machine of today. But now, we discovered a line which is opposite to this (draws vertical and horizontal line within the circle) In other words, this center is what all religions are fighting about - for the center. Everybody calls it different names. They fight. They kill each other. We reverse five million years of human evolution. So if we allow every human being to call whatever center anyway, he wants to respect it so it will happen. When we know this, only then can we find this dimension. We then, can move around in the space of life or movement that will serve us here.

That is what is actually happening in the life of a person who has some understanding. Every one of us - The thoughts that we have, the deeds that we do, that is what's happening. That is what's happening in this group right now. Everyone is a fantastic bubble of good energy, good elements, and we are together here to find out how we are going to channel this. So that is what is happening in life. We have found that if we don't know how to do this in life, zoom and become, we have trouble.

So from childhood, we learn to do this, and when we resist the flow, there are problems. Then, there is the invention of the psychiatrist. There is another gadget. You go there and you don't know how to do. You zigzag, hurt and complain in a hundred different volumes about everything in words, and do nothing until you learn this movement. This is very important.

Any harmonious thing in life and every movement is circular. Everything that you do is circular - In your thoughts and in your body, it will happen. That is very simple. But how are we going to become it? It is good to understand it here intellectually. OK, but we have so many things like this in our bodies. In the first organ of perception, we have two like this that we can see. Two eyes that can see to say with and teach that kind of circular flow of movement. OK now, suppose the dot in space vibrates with a certain rate. Everyone vibrates in a certain rate. That means if some suggestion comes - OH NO! I do not want to talk about it. You vibrate. That is why when you get enlightened you giggle. Do not giggle before you get enlightened. It is very interesting. So this is just to understand. What I say here is nothing. It is really nothing. The importance is when you go to feel it now.

Thank you for being here. Samuel

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