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Thank you for your interest in the First World Mime Conference and World Mime Organisation. First WORLD MIME CONFERENCE will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from March 21st to 23rd with a very rich program. You have to register and pay the Registration Fee to be able to participate at the 1st World Mime Conference. Our online registration and hotel booking service is up and running. For now you can pay via PayPal and few days we will have the ability to charge securely your Visa or Mastercard.

When you click PayPal logo or Visa/Mastercard logo you will taken to the adequate form that we kindly ask you to fill with all the necessary information. The First World Mime Conference official hotel with special rates for WMConference participants is Hotel Palace in the epicentre of Belgrade.

You will be able register and pay the following:

World Mime Conference registration feeFor WMO members:

  • 75 Euros for WMO members
  • 25 Euros for students that are WMO members

For Non-WMO members:

  • 150 Euros
  • 100 Euros for ITI (International Theatre Institute) members
  • 50 Euros for students

Room with breakfast and taxes included at the Hotel Palace at following special rates:

  • SINGLE ROOM = 39 Euros per night
  • DOUBLE ROOM = 59 Euros per night (for 2 persons)

Official Dinner with music and drinks = 29 Euros per person

WMO Annual Subscription Fee 2018 = 9 Euros (10 USD)

Now we will take you to the online form we need you to fill and register. Please choose the payment method.

If you want to pay via PayPal, please click the PayPal logo

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If you want to pay by Visa/Mastercard, please click the Visa/Mastercard logo

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World Mime Day should belong to humanity but history should also remember the three initiators of this idea Marko Stojanović (Serbia) More...


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